On 15th November we are launching a new comic book.


Popgun is a story of a man coming up to retirement, ready to spend some quality time with his wife.   The only real issue is that she thinks he works as an insurance salesman and in fact he has been a hitman the whole time he’s known her.   So Popgun is set over a week where he has to balance one last hit, setting up a fake retirement party and not go insane dealing with actors.   So a little bit of humour and a lot of drama with a nice noir beat to the whole thing.    The book’s written by Mark Peyton, with art by Nicola Scott (from before she worked on DC’s Earth 2) and Chris Connelly.    Also in the book is the short story “No More Heroes” also by Peyton, but with art by David Hitchcock (Springheeled Jack and Whitechapel Freak) telling a Witchhunter inspired tale with a definite twist.

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